Hans Jørgen Æbelø
Team Lead - Maintenance Engineer
Toldbodvej 1, 6700 Esbjerg
+45 40 80 88 03
Meet the team

Hans Jørgen Æbelø

Mr. Hans Jørgen Æbelø is Team Lead for the Asset Data & Documentation Team.

Mr. Æbelø manages the day-to-day activities in the Team and handles project flow and customer communication. He provides overall technical/Software support and is an important part of our product development activities. His focus areas lie within software development, data manipulation and Condition based Maintenance program development.  

Areas of Responsibility

  • Project management
  • SAP programming (ABAP)
  • SAP data transfer Methods
  • SAP Documentation System
  • Documentation management Systems
  • Visual Basic Programming
  • PIMS
  • Pro-Arc
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Accumulators