Maintenance Environment

Maintenance Environment

In a brief

A full maintenance environment project was conducted on three GT power generation units on an offshore platform in the North Sea. The project plan was planned – executed and delivered according to the JK Technical Vision. Our maintenance environment project comprises all of Our unique products and services.

The project included an offshore inspection to validate and as-built the technical documentation and to set the basis for the technical hierarchy in SAP PM.

Together with Our experts and client experts FMECA sessions were conducted. The methodology used was the JK FMECA ™.

Maintenance and spare parts strategies are a direct product of the JK FMECA and Our systems engineers implemented them directly in the clients CMMS, SAP PM / SAP MM.

Condition monitor. A JK developed software that takes data from O&M software, collects it and integrates it with the task lists in SAP PM.

Our Machine Access Hub was developed and installed on client’s systems and gave each client employee direct access to documentation, O&M data, software, FMECA data and CMMS.

As in all Our projects, we conduct benchmarking after a period to highlight and assess the value of Our deliverables.


  • Quality assured as-built technical documentation. Searchable and available.
  • Virtual tour of the unit skids. Full integration between tour and SAP PM and documentation.
  • A comprehensive technical hierarchy in SAP PM.
  • FMECA report, directly available through JK machine access hub. The evidence for why maintenance is conducted.
  • Task lists (preventive and corrective), maintenance items and maintenance plans – delivered directly in SAP PM and SAP MM.
  • Together with our fieldservice division, JKP Fieldservices, we assisted with offshore execution and follow up on findings.
  • Machine Access Hub incl. condition monitor.


Benchmarking of the project gave the following results:

  • Time consumption on preventive and corrective maintenance, by offshore technicians, has been nearly cut in half.
  • Number of created corrective orders have been doubled, indicating a better reporting culture by the organisation. This improves the maintenance history for future use.
  • Reliability has been increased by 4% on two generator units and remains unchanged on the third.
  • Availability has been increased by 6, 7 and 2% on the three units.
  • The number of maintenance related Synergies reported on the system has been reduced from 1.1 per year, to 0.
  • Customers net profit has been increased by DKK 1.912.000 per year.
  • Project Return On Investment: 359%.
  • Project Payback Period: 79 days.

Additionally, based on interviews with client personnel:

  • Quality of maintenance is significantly improved, through all processes. From the preventive plans, to the execution, to reporting and follow-up on findings.
  • Time spent by onshore personnel is significantly reduced, in preparation, planning, troubleshooting processes.
  • Knowledge is now better consolidated in the business, and “fast history” generated by internal changes is better avoided.
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