Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

In a brief

Out solutions for technical documentation management are based on three simple elements:

  • Assure validity
  • Ensure Quality
  • Secure Accessibility

In short: as-building the documentation, making it searchable and directly accessibility with one click.

We use our technical knowhow of the equipment to inspect it physically and update the documentation accordingly.

Hardcopy documentation is scanned and OCR is implemented to ensure a full and comprehensive search.

Our documentation interface is constructed to ensure intuitive and fast navigation and it integrates fully with clients existing documentation management systems, whether it is ProArc, Meridian or any customized database.

Additionally, we provide the JK Search Engine, to do cross systems search. This search engine is built on the same science as Google and can be used to find information about any component in any of Our clients’ systems, whether it is SAP, Intranet or in Documentation management systems (PIMS, ProArc etc.).


  • Quality assured as-built technical documentation. Searchable and available.
  • An intuitive interface to ease navigation and searching in the documentation.
  • Full integration with existing software.


  • Reduced search time for part numbers, documentation with 25%.
  • Increased trust in documentation.
  • Reduced time in communication and offshore inspection.
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