Kasper Rønn Rasmussen
Project Manager - Maintenance and System Engineer
Toldbodvej 1, 6700 Esbjerg
+45 40 80 88 07
Meet the team

Kasper Rønn Rasmussen

Mr. Kasper Rønn Rasmussen is one of our Project Managers. He manages the day-to-day activities in his team and handles project flow and communication.

Mr. Rønn provides overall support within energy process technology, engineering calculation simulation and control software. He has a developed theoretic and systematic mindset and is thus a central part in the continued evolvement of Our state of the art maintenance theories.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Basic Maintenance Theory
  • Data Manipulation and Analysis
  • FMECA/RCM Methodology
  • RAM Methodology
  • Technical Safety Methodology
  • Industrial Communication